Undoubtedly, realization of any project of construction, expansion or reconstruction of water preparation facilities begins with development of the project.

RUN Engineering offers a full range of design and additional engineering services. Continuous dialogue and attention to our Customers` inquiries and wishes causes flexibility of taken design decisions and efficiency of performance of works. All design decisions are approved by the Customer.

Development of the project and preparation of the engineering documentation are carried out by the specialists of design department of our company in strict conformity with the requirements and norms and standards valid in the country of the Customer.

The experience of the RUN Engineering specialists on the objects of Russian nuclear power sector, certify the conformity of the prepared project and design documentation to requirements of the norms and standards, the completeness and quality of their preparation.

The scope of design work of our company includes:

• preparation of technical and economic calculations and feasibility studies;
• development of a full package of the engineering documentation for the new or reconstructed process equipment and systems;
• preparation of the detailed working design documentation for manufacture and assembly of the equipment;
• development and programming of automated process control system, visualization of control, integration of automated process control system of water treatment into central control system of the plant;
• preparation of the assembly & installation documentation at construction site;
• preparation of a package of the final AS-Built documentation after installation of the system;
• the coordination of approval of the engineering documentation in recent state authorities;
• preparation of the full package of permissions, technical, operation and maintenance documentation for the delivered equipment and systems.

Preparing the project documentation, our design engineers apply the most modern software – licensed packages of three-dimensional modelling of industrial design Solid WORKS and АutoCAD. It is the mortgage of operative and correct realization of design works.

Besides the computerized design packages, RUN Engineering engineers widely use the software packages of process calculations – Rosa and CADIX ™ (DOW Chemicals), PureDesign (Purolite), Wincaps (GRUNDFOS) and other programs of the world`s leading suppliers of components for water treatment systems.

In addition to design documentation, our company provides a full package of installation and maintenance instructions, the necessary permits, passports and certificates for all delivered equipment and systems.

Besides design services RUN Engineering offers additional engineering services:

• an expert examination, diagnosis and analysis of existing water treatment equipment and facilities;
• preparation and carrying out of pilot tests on object with the purpose of a substantiation of the chosen technology;
• consultations on the selection and optimization of membrane and ion exchange processes and technologies.