ION exchange units RUN AQUA-ION

RUN AQUA-ION ion exchange units are designed for water purification by ion exchange process (softening, dealkalization, desalination, removal of nitrates, etc.).

The basic principle of ion exchange process is as follows: raw water passes through the filter (or filters system), filled with ion-exchange resin (or mixture of resins), where the exchange of relevant ions in equivalent amounts happens.

Nowadays there is a large variety of ion exchange resins, which are classified depending on properties and applications.

Modern ion-exchange resins are made of synthetic materials, usually having high exchange capacity, stability in work and the ability to regenerate (recover).

This process is implemented in the filters of various designs and sizes, depending on performance requirements.

Available composition

Ion exchange units may consist of:
• filter columns in required amounts, vessels diameter from 200mm up to 3400 mm, made of coated carbon steel, stainless steel or composite materials (plastic and fiberglass), operating pressure depending on system requirements from 4 to 20 bars;
• water distribution systems inside of the filter columns, made of stainless steel or plastic;
• filtering media – ion-exchange resins (cation or anion exchanger);
• valves with manual, pneumatic or electric actuators;
• piping made of carbon steel, stainless steel or plastic (PVC, PP, PE);
• measuring instruments (pressure gauges, temperature gauges, flow meters, water quality control instruments, etc.);
• backwash and regeneration pumps;
• supporting frame structures;
• process controller.

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