Reagents dosing units RUN AQUA-DOS

Reagents dosing units RUN AQUA-DOS

Chemical treatment is often used process in water purification.

Coagulants, sterilizing chemicals, acids, alkalines, antiscalants are moustly used in water treatment.

For this purpose our company offers dosing stations RUN AQUA-DOS.

Available composition

Depending on the type of chemical to be dosed, its concentration, required dosing rate and the specific customer requirements, dosing stationsRUN AQUA-DOS can be equipped with:
• dosing pumps capacity from 0,4 to 3000 l/h, pressure 4-16 bar.;
• solution preparation tanks, including level control and mixing;
• dosing tanks, including level control;
• measuring instruments (flow meters, рН-meters, etc.);
• supporting frame structures;
• injection units including static mixers;
• process controller.

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