Electrodeionization units RUN AQUA-EDI

Electrodeionization units RUN AQUA-EDI are intended for deep-water desalination at the finishing stage of water purification and provide the water with the electrical resistivity up to 16-18 МΩ*cm without the use of chemicals. Unlike traditional DI systems, EDI unit does NOT need acid or caustic chemicals for regeneration. This means safe operation and non-hazardous waste or neutralisation equipment. Протекающий через исходную воду ток инициирует реакцию расщепления воды, в которой образуются ионы H+ и OH-. The EDI technology is a continuous process using ion exchange membranes, resins and electricity. DC electric potential is the driving force for removing ions from the feed stream. Complete set (available composition) Electrodeionization units may consist of: • EDI elements; • power supply unit; • valves with manual, pneumatic or electric actuators; • piping made of carbon steel, stainless steel or plastic (PVC, PP, PE); • measuring instruments (pressure gauges, temperature gauges, flow meters, water quality control instruments, etc.); • supporting frame structures; • process controller. Please contact us for more information.